Best of the Bay Readers' Poll 2011: Who's winning?

Have you voted in this year's Best of the Bay Readers' Poll? If not, you'd better hurry: The poll closes at 4 a.m. 12:59 p.m. on Wed. Aug. 31. The tally so far has already broken records, and with less than seven days to go, we're expecting all of the races to go right down to the wire.

Here's some hints on where things stand:

Best City: Tampa, St. Pete or Clearwater? We added this new category thanks to a staffer who's a passionate advocate for his side of the Bay, and it's turned into one of the biggest vote-getters ever. While some voters want to think more holistically ("Aren't they just one big city that doesn't want to admit it?") and others are rejecting the three cities altogether and suggesting alternatives — "Temple Terrace (and no, that's not the same as Tampa - waaaaaaay different)" — we are seeing a fierce fight that at this point any of the three could win.

Worst Local Politician: For years, one public servant has had a lock on this category. She's once again showing strength, but this year she faces a competitor who may have out-worsted her.