Flourless Chocolate Cake and Toasted Coconut Ice Cream worth marrying

Is it possible to be in love with a chocolate cake? Is it possible to marry it? How about toasted coconut ice cream? Can I marry it too? Please tell me I can. Oh but wait, that means I would be married to 3 things, my husband, chocolate cake and toasted coconut ice cream. Welp, I guess its time to move to Utah!(I know, polygamy and polyandry is illegal, even in Utah)

For real, what you gaze upon is quite possibly the most decedent, moist, over the top heavenly flourless chocolate cake. If I ever get put in the slammer and am on death row and need to advise of my last meal, this would be it. I will take this cake for my last meal, with a BIG ASS glass of cold milk. Since this cake only consists of 3 ingredients, I made sure I didn't use nasty Hershey Chocolate( yes I use it in a pinch, but there is WWWAAAAYYYY better chocolate out there to be had). I used Ghirardelli , half semi-sweet and half milk chocolate, because that is what I had on hand. This cake was a cinch to make. As expected, it poofed WAY up during baking and then sank in the middle once it cooled. I halved the recipe because I knew there was no way I wouldn't eat the whole damn cake. Halving the recipe gave me 3 nice sized ramekins of cake. And the ice cream....ohhh the ice cream. Crazy good. The toasted coconut puts it way over the top! I got the recipe from The Ultimate Ice Cream Book .If you love ice-cream, I highly recommend this book.

I WILL be making this cake again, you can mark my words. !!

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