Governor Scott's press office touts editorial love for his stance on Medicaid expansion

It can't always be easy working in Gov. Rick Scott's press office. Derided with intensity by liberals long before he beat Alex Sink in November of 2010, his appeal — particularly in the Tampa Bay area — seemed to plunge precipitously after he rejected more than $2 billion in federal funding for high-speed rail from Tampa to Orlando. His decision came despite the bipartisan pleading from the mayors and business officials in Tampa, Lakeland and Orlando, and it's put him in a hole in the I-4 corridor that he's found difficult to overcome.

But that's so 2011-ish. Now the governor is handing out bonuses to school teachers, increasing funding for education and transportation, and in case you missed it, agreeing to work with Barack Obama on expanding Medicaid in the Sunshine State.

His fellow Republicans — Attorney General Pam Bondi is the latest to take public whacks at Scott — continue to bash him for his decision. But let's admit it, the man has come a long way since he said, "That's still Florida taxpayers paying that," when asked about Medicaid expansion. "It's not like there's free federal money. Every program cuts back and you create this dependency and then they cut back like they did with our schools."