Tonight's Top Chef Just Desserts preview: Cry babies and wedding cakes

On tonight's episode of  Top Chef: Just Desserts, we're only three episodes in and someone is already talking about jumping ship. No, it's not Mr. Meltdown (Seth), it's Malika (big surprise there). It also looks like the chef'testants are scrambling this week due to having to throw together wedding cakes in a very short amount of time for the Elimination Challenge.

In the preview video below, Malika contemplates leaving the show, saying, "I want to do whatever I want to do that makes me feel good." So chickening out on national TV and giving up this chance that other people would have probably killed to have would make her feel good? Well, she doesn't have to whine for long because it looks like her cake in Elimination Challenge will be getting her on the chopping block again (another big surprise). I say send her home and bring back that Tim guy who was cut last week — he had more potential, not to mention more confidence in his work.

Looks like Seth/Dexter got off the crazy train he was riding last week at Sanity Station and is ready to get back into the game and play with a full deck of cards. He says he has his "head back on" and is "ready to cook some sick [bleeping] food." By sick, I hope he doesn't mean using the body parts of his victims in his wedding cake because that would be kind of sick. All joking aside, he does have a lot of talent and I hope he can keep it together long enough so that we can see more of his culinary artistry.

Check out the preview videos below.

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