Hillsborough Republicans battle on who amongst them can beat Kathy Castor, local childrens services boards may go up for referendum, but not for 6 years, and head shops in Florida in peril? Mitch Perry Report 4.22.10

We believe everyday is Earth Day, but today does mark the 40th anniversary of the first such day.  You might recall that Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson was one of the men responsible for creating such a day.

Speaking of Congress, there are four Republicans who'd love to be the next Congressman from Florida's 11th Congressional District, you know the one where Kathy Castor now sits?  They debated Tuesday night on why they should be the GOP candidate this fall;

It looks like that proposal that would put both the Hillsborough and Pinellas County Children's Boards up for a popular vote for their survival is being revived, but at least the vote wouldn't happen in just a few months;

And a proposal that could put a lot of head shops in Florida out of business was passed unanimously in the state senate yesterday.