Tournament of Tacos Matchup #11: El Toro Negro vs. Los Mariachis

You may not know these places, but the glory they find today will enshrine them in the hallowed halls of taco-construction. At least for a week. El Toro Negro is a drab corner spot with classic pastor and barbacoa. Los Mariachis is an Americanized dining hall with seasoned ground beef. Which taco deserves to move up to the Savory Sixteen?

I'll reveal my pick tomorrow, but you still have a say. Vote below for your favorite in this taco-a-taco showdown and we'll track the results in our readers' poll. And if you haven't tasted these two worthy competitors, this is a perfect excuse for an extended, taco-tasting lunch.

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So who wins: El Toro Negro or Los Mariachis? (And don't forget to vote in today's other matchup!)Check out the full Tournament of Tacos bracket after the break: