Row Jomah throws an album release party for Cat People this Friday at Dunedin Brewery

Between Bluffs opens the free event

Row Jomah is a newish jam rock quintet that takes its anagram-styled name from ostensible leader, singer and acoustic  guitar player Joe Roma. His strummed rhythms and plucked melodies add warm rootsy accompaniment to Melbourne Walsh’s prog-minded electric guitar solos and complex passages ala the breezy riding “Outhouse,” while the steady-driving rhythms of drummer Dylan Chee-A-Tow prove well matched to the walking low-end and traditional groove-hawking of bassist Jason Berlin, with keysmith Austin Llewellyn adding atmosphere and additional melodic interest to tracks like “Couldn’t I Be with You?”.

Both cuts come off Row Jomah’s debut full-length, Cat People, which sees its official release at a free party this Friday in Dunedin. Make the jaunt, be among the first to pick up a copy and be prepared to get down.

Details: Row Jomah CD Release Show with Between Bluffs, Fri., June 19, 9 p.m., Dunedin Brewery, Dunedin, free admission.