Tonight in live music: Eternal Summers, Yellow Claw, David Crosby & more

Concerts happening this Fri., June 12

click to enlarge Eternal Summers - Brett Winter Lemon
Brett Winter Lemon
Eternal Summers

A rather nice Fri., June 12 in live music. Take a look at the breakdown below...

Eternal Summers with DieAlps!, Silver Waves Once a duo, now a trio that’s not making the salt-stained sun-splashed sounds you’d expect with a name like Eternal Summers, though the post-punk propulsion and noisy, jangly pop fizz has a refreshing breeziness to it as powered by the coy breathy coos and haughty high-pitched calls of frontwoman Nicole Yun. The Virginia outfit is currently on the road behind a fourth full-length and new Kanine Records release, Gold and Stone. (New World Brewery, Ybor City)

David Crosby The bushy-stached snowy-haired folk rock icon has always reminded me of my dear Uncle Mushroom; warm, open and full of the sort of contentment that comes with achieving everything he’s set out to accomplish, both in his life and career, and is enjoying his golden years with as much gentle zest as possible. This intimate date will showcase the reedy tenor and acoustic guitar play of David Crosby, who’ll perform without Stills or Nash or even a backing band but will fill the theater with pristine sounds, nonetheless. (Capitol Theatre, Clearwater)

Public Speaking with DC9V Brooklyn composer Jason Anthony Harris is the visionary mind behind Public Speaking, a project that finds him experimenting with pop, avant rock and ambient soundscapes. His most recent release, MOUNTAINMURALS, is made up of abstract instrumentals pieced together from electronically manipulated household objects. According to the album description, Harris means for it “to evoke the immensity of natural phenomena – earthquakes, asteroids, volcanoes, lightning, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, mudslides, snowstorms, avalanches, etc. – and their ever-carving, sculptural violence. Man mirrors and intensifies this destructive reshaping of his environment through architecture, manufacturing, waste, art, and war – a disastrous amplification of the volatile ‘natural’ forces.” It is disturbing, abrasive and rather difficult to listen to; I imagine it’ll be triply weird in a live setting. Public Speaking also performs at The Venture Compound in St. Pete on Sat., June 13. (Mojo Books & Records, Tampa)

Yellow Claw There is nothing more tedious than having to withstand the same ol’ unz-unz-unz, whether it be if I’m caught in the club or simply sitting at my desk writing about it. At least Amsterdam producer/DJ trio Yellow Claw – Bizzey, Jim Aasgier and Nizzle – can’t be accused of being dull, their dancefloor-busting sounds calling on fast, relentless moombahton and more hard-kicking trap, twerk, and hip hop filled with whirring synths, fatty basslines, vocal splices or actual guest spots ala Dutch singer Ayden on 2014 single “Till It Hurts.” Yellow Claw has collabed with Diplo and Flosstradamus, among many others, released albums on Dim Mak, Ultra and Mad Decent, and launched their own Barong Family label last year. (Amphitheatre, Ybor City)

Milk Spot with Coyote Card, Acoustic Interest A free night of offbeat sounds headed up by South Florida’s loose, crooked rock weirdos Milk Spot, which hawk cheeky odes with light vintage smear and punk rasp like “Kill You with My Piss,” “Hot Rhonda” and “Hiccup Ketchup ‘Til You Die.” St. Pete-brewed Coyote Card has a more firmly retro garage sound with organ, discordant bass and blasé vocal intones. And Acoustic Interest is the “trippy bastard child” of another ‘Burg outfit, Archaic Interest. (The Bends, St. Petersburg)

Black Falcon, Black Coast Royals, Ethics & Architects, Those Darling Tyrants Another free showcase of regional talent, this one encompassing two ostensible power trios –one making heavy stoner metal out of Coral Gables (Black Falcon), another spewing ball-busting fuzzed-out rock n’ roll by way of St. Pete (Ethics & Architects). (Fubar, St. Petersburg)

The Summer SINergy Festival with Psykotribe, Brutiful, Kill The Sound, Burning Fair Verona, Falls Upon Us, Dementia, Meka Nism, The Cunningham Wake If neither of the aforementioned shows happening in St. Pete pique your interest, perhaps this crushing lineup presented by Tampa Bay Metal Scene will. Admission to the Summer SINergy Festival – both a multi-band metal extravaganza and a birthday party for Psykotribe vocalist JaKob SiN – is free, but canned donations for a local food bank are encouraged and attendees ages 21 and up can pay $20 for sink or swim drinking. That’s one price for all yer drinks, all night, people. One word: Uber. (Local 662, St. Petersburg)

Damon Fowler Group w/Flat Land
 Skipper’s Smokehouse, Tampa
Kasondra Rose Hideaway Café & Recording Studio, St. Petersburg
Ramblegrass Ella’s Americana Folk Art Café, Tampa
Trigger City Trio Ale and the Witch, St. Petersburg
Retro Night w/DJs Truk, UHOH, and Fonik The Social, Ybor City
Lake Worth Long Shots Dunedin Brewery, Dunedin
Caveman Cult/Traitor Crucifix/Blasphemous Cremation/Funeral System Brass Mug, Tampa
Justin Furstenfeld w/Ashleigh Stone State Theatre, St. Petersburg
Troy Youngblood and the SoulFish The Amsterdam, St. Petersburg