Leonard Cohen plays Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center tonight (video)

Leonard Cohen's subject matter tends toward the morbid and the veteran Canadian singer-songwriter delivers his dark messages in a deep, gravelly baritone that drapes itself inside your subconscious like a warm but not quite comforting blanket. His songs about marriage and infidelity, Judaism and Christianity, depression, suicide, the facade of U.S. Democracy, the gaping disparity between the rich and poor, abortion, war, and the underdog are dosed with humor and irony, his rambling roots and folk tunes marked by the dulcet-toned vocals of gospel-style backup singers. (You know him from the Natural Born Killers soundtrack, which features a few of his songs.) Cohen took a fall on stage while performing in Spain several weeks back (doctors cited food poisoning), but he should be perfectly well-rested for tonight's show in Tampa. I'll be there, flying solo; my husband hits the road today and will be away for a month, driving across America and recording his music documentary, Routes Music. I have a feeling I'm gonna be feeling a bit lonely and depressed tonight, so I'll likely shed some tears at this show, although Cohen's dry banter between songs will hopefully bring some cheer to my soul. I'll give you the full breakdown tomorrow... [Photo by Lorca Cohen.] Mon., Oct. 19, 8 p.m., Carol Morsani Hall at Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, downtown Tampa, $74.50-$252.75 ($19.50 and $49.50 tickets sold out).

Check out a video of Cohen performing "Democracy" from the new PBS special/DVD release Leonard Cohen Live in London, after the jump.