Is This Where You Eat?

According to the fine folks at Where The Locals Eat, Tampa/St. Petersburg qualifies as one of the Top 50 cities in the US!

WTLE's new book tries to nail the best 100 restaurants in each of their top 50 cities and, as vague survey lists go, it does a fairly good job. The big guys are on there — like Bern's, The Columbia and Ceviche — but there are also some actual local joints like Mel's Hot Dogs, El Cap, Skyway Jack's, Thai Sweet Basil and Atwaters. And, perhaps as a nod to our love of the prefabricated dinner experience, there are a half dozen chains included in the list.

If you're traveling to the Bay area and don't want to bother doing a little web research, this book might be for you. But anyone who actually uses the web won't need to pick up the print version of Where The Locals Eat; you can find all the Tampa/St. Petersburg listings for free on the WTLE website.