It's the Monday after Valentine's. What Would Liquid Jesus Do?

Monday is undoubtedly the most dreaded day of the week. For the working folk, it’s a reminder of just how much stuff they didn’t get done the week before. The unemployed sect wake up every Monday remembering that they still don’t have a job. Last Monday was Valentine’s Day, adding a new level of hurt to that miserable 24 hours we call the beginning of the week.

Luckily, it's a fresh new Monday and a perfect day for recovery. While the CL Music Staff’s “Music Monday” picks will surely get you through the morning, what the hell are you going to do once the sun goes down?

Liquid Jesus has the answer.

For the better part of two years, this self-proclaimed “collective of Florida-based music-enthusiasts, DJs, promoters, artists, and heavy drinkers” lands in Ybor City every third Monday of the month and celebrates the best in new and independent music while taking part in the spirited consumption of, well, spirits.

If it sounds a bit sacrilegious to you, then you might have to think again. See, you don’t know it yet, but Liquid Jesus has probably touched your life many times before. In fact, the collective’s members are actually heavily embedded within the Tampa Bay community's music scene.