Banned German Sprite ad: oral sex, soda pop and ejaculation

I've seen a number of risque ads in my time (see PETA's sex with vegetables ad), but I've never seen a Sprite used in a bukkake scene (if you don't know what bukkake means don't Google it).

This Sprite commercial features an attractive woman performing oral sex on a nude man. Midway through she stops and considers how she could really go for a Sprite right about now.

Enter a crotch level Sprite, which has obviously received some vigorous stimulation. In slow motion, the soda explodes all over the thirsty woman's face in a mess of fizzy white.

I'd have liked to believe that this ad was created by Sprite's creative and thrifty marketing group, who knew the spot would be banned and go viral. On the internet the ad would receive a second life, reaching the key demographic of internet surfers like you and me, desperate for something to distract us from work, or unemployment.

As it turns out, the video was directed by Max Isaacson who produced it as a spec commercial that he never intended to air. Speaking to Perez Hilton, Isaacson claimed he shot the spot as a kind of social experiment, albeit an experiment that cost $3,000, in which he wondered how many people would think it was real. But, this investment may pay off as advertisers start looking to Isaacson to do more "in your face" commercials.

Whatever the case, next time you're performing oral sex, I bet you'll be wishing a refreshing Sprite would explode on your face.

The video was pulled down from Youtube. I'll post it as soon as I can find a stable URL. For now the only place I've found where you can view the whole thing is at

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