Henriquez goes after Ronda Storms in mailer to independents

  • Bob Henriquez

The race to succeed Rob Turner as Hillsborough County Property Appraiser has been a snoozer so far.

But that's no longer the case.

In a mailer distributed to approximately 34,000 non-party-affiliated voting households on Friday, Democrat Bob Henriquez has decided that it's time to do some "comparisons" between him and his Republican opponent, state Senator Ronda Storms.

The front side of the page-sized mailer shows Henriquez standing next to a construction worker or perhaps a developer with some design plans. Very straight up. The back page is divided in half, with one side extolling Henriquez' virtues while working in the Legislature and for the Department of Children and Families. The right side shows a black-and-white photo of Storms looking somewhat demonic, with the phrase "Ronda Storms. Not What We Need," affixed next to her name.

Below that are three boxes all checked, noting a "History of Bullying," "Polarizing," and "Zero Real Experience."