How to get a scumbag (e.g., Kevin White) out of office: Postpone his pay

Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White’s sexual harassment case finally appears like it will be settled by the county. The county has agreed to pay $278,000 to White’s victim and her attorneys. I think this is the right thing to do, as it limits the potential for any further costs borne to taxpayers already on the hook for well over $500,000 for the county’s legal bills in the case.

And while the county should count its blessings that White’s libido didn’t cost taxpayers even more, the commission needs to do something to get rid of Mr. White, who refuses to resign.

White’s determination to stay on the commission (and to seek reelection next year) demonstrates his arrogance, selfishness, and his view that his constituents are too dumb to send him packing.  His self-serving nature is bad enough. That he has cost the county nearly a million bucks is what voters should be appalled at.  The nearly million bucks his actions will ultimately cost the county could have bought the sheriff’s office 20 patrol cars, or funded the county’s contribution to the Tampa Boys and Girls club for 11 years, or the NACCP Empowerment Center for 66 years! You get the point…

While Florida Governor Charlie Crist has the authority to remove White from office, Charlie does not have the leadership skills or backbone to remove him (I’m sorry, I just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to find some fault in Chuckles); and unfortunately the county commission legally cannot remove him. Voters could organize a petition drive to recall White, but that seems unlikely to occur.

But there is something the commission could do that would likely lead to White withdrawing as a candidate next year.