Back Talk: Marketing — sex sells, but are you buying?

Over the holiday weekend, I thought a lot about the United States’ favorite past time — no, not football, gossiping, or even texting — the thing that is most integral to success: marketing.

The United States loves marketing, because, regardless of what we’re selling, it’s all about presentation — the newest product, sleekest design, or the prettiest interface.

Because of our near obsession with consuming — even if we’re not in some type of business — we are constantly marketing ourselves. Our consumerist mentality has been projected onto our bodies and social lives.

Is this true about the LGBT community? Is the marketing of the gay lifestyle just about sex?

I studied business in college, and one of the things that I remember from marketing class is the “marketing mix.” There are four basic “P’s” in this mix: product, place, promotion, and price.