A surge of female voters for Romney confuses Obama backers

  • Kathy Castor

The presidential campaign was shaken up, perhaps definitively, by the first presidential debate in Denver on Oct. 3.

Perhaps the biggest fallout (if it is to be believed) is a USA TODAY/Gallup poll that was published on Tuesday. The survey, given to likely women voters in the 12 battleground states, shows Mitt Romney in a statistical tie with President Obama (Obama is up 49-48 percent). Gallup has switched its methodology from polling registered to likely voters, which makes up part of the difference. Among registered voters in the swing states, Obama is still up with female voters.

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake told the paper that in every poll since Denver, Romney's numbers with women have risen.

"Women went into the debate actively disliking Romney, and they came out thinking he might understand their lives and might be able to get something done for them," she said.

Female Democrats, like Tampa Congresswoman Kathy Castor, strongly disagree.