Down in the polls, Dan Gelber makes best case by highlighting newspaper endorsements in new ad (video)

It's our contention that while it's great to get a newspaper's endorsement, it's not the be all and end all in any particular political race.

Alex Sink has dominated the endorsement battle leading up to next week's gubernatorial election, yet, depending on what poll you're looking at, the race appears to be dead even with just a week to go.

In their debate on October 20, Sink made that point, saying that she has been deemed the better candidate by all of the top papers in the state, while Rick Scott won't even meet with the editorial boards!  The outrage!

Scott adroitly mentioned that he was too busy meeting with the people of Florida, and didn't have time to attend such encounters with the press.  It's the same strategy that worked well for the GOP candidate in his primary race against Bill McCollum (well, that and $40 million spent in that race).

However, there's no question that such endorsements (or recommendations, in the case of the St. Pete Times) can help a confused or too busy of a voter who's looking for some guidance.

Which is why Democratic Attorney General candidate Dan Gelber, who has won most (but not all) of the endorsements from the leading newspapers across the state, is now triumphing that fact in his just released ad.  See below:

The ad is being released as the most latest poll between Gelber and his GOP opponent Pam Bondi, does not bode well for the Miami Beach Democrat.

The St. Pete Times/Orlando News 13 survey has Bondi up 8%, 44%-36%.