Promises kept? Rick Scott boasts about putting the billion dollars back into education that he cut a year earlier

Months after he was elected in November of 2010, Rick Scott called for a 10 percent cut to education, a flagrant flip-flop from his campaign promise to keep state education funding whole. The GOP Legislature later passed a school spending cut of nearly 8 percent, or $542 per student.

Less than a year later, the guv suddenly had a change of heart. Whether it had anything to do with his faltering poll numbers we'll never know, but Scott announced late last year that he wanted to see the Legislature add a billion dollars in K-12 education spending in the current fiscal year.

Now, with just a couple of days left before the Legislature closes shop for the year (barring any special sessions), the governor is trumpeting the education increase, which comes as lawmakers found a way to cut over $1.4 billion in spending to balance the budget.

Read Scott's email to the voters below: