Marco Rubio ignores Chris Matthews taunt to discuss "embarrassing" GOP field running for President

Marco Rubio's appearance Wednesday morning on MSNBC was, if nothing else, engaging television.

The freshman U.S. Senator has teamed up with New Hampshire Democrat Chris Coons on a bipartisan bill that the two say can get Americans back to work, which is why they were booked to appear on MSNBC's Morning Joe program.

And for most of the block, the questioning revolved around that legislation. But in the last moments, co-host Mika Brzezinski valiantly attempted to try to get Rubio off message and get his candid take on the Republican field running for President, in light of the mockery that has ensued over the past day and half after Herman Cain blanked out on answering a relatively simple question on Libya. That follows Rick Perry's now infamous "brain-freeze" from last week.

We'll add the video if it becomes available, but for Republicans who castigate MSNBC as a liberal haven, well, they should be proud of their man, as Rubio steadfastly responded with platitudes about the candidates having to work through the process.