As Charlie Crist contemplates accepting 3rd DCA ruling on gay adoption, Rick Scott says he wants to keep the ban

When asked about Wednesday's ruled by the 3rd District Court of Appeals affirming a lower court's ruling that Florida's gay adoption ban is unconstitutional, Governor Charlie Crist has yet to clarify whether he will challenge the ruling to the state's Supreme Court.

Crist, who in his battle to sway Democrats in the U.S. Senate race suddenly has seen the light on gay rights and released a position paper last week on some issues that affect the LGBT community, says he wants to speak with the man who has been at the center of the gay adoption controversy the past couple of years, Martin Gill, before deciding what the state should do.

Gill said today that he after consulting with ACLU attorneys, he hopes that Crist will drop any appeal.

“The ban has kept me from adopting the two boys who have known me as Papi for the past six years.  This deprives them of the emotional security of knowing they are part of a forever family.

“The law is also an obstacle to adoption for countless other Florida children who have no family of their own.

“I understand that if the State does not appeal this decision, it will apply to all Floridians and put an end to this baseless law that has harmed my kids and so many other children and families.

“I am eager to adopt my two children and to remove this barrier to adoption for other children as soon as possible. Ending this case now would be the quickest way for that to happen.”