Mark McGwire admits he did steroids

To the shock of probably nobody, former Oakland A's and St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire today admitted he did steroids throughout his career, including in his record breaking 1998 season, in which he hit 70 home runs (only to be eclipsed by Barry Bonds, who hit 73 in 2001 and has been under a similar cloud of steroid use ever since).

McGwire has been essentially hidden underground in terms of public statements and/or appearances since quickly fading out of the game after the 2001 season.  But with the news this year that he would be return to Major League Baseball as a hitting instructor under his former manager, Tony LaRussa, it was expected he would have to address the considerable speculation that he had bulked himself up using performance enhancing drugs.

McGwire embarrassed himself back in March of 2005, when he along with a handful of other players went before Congress to discuss steroids in baseball.  Wearing a green tie on St. Patrick's Day, McGwire said virtually nothing that day, other than to mumble that he "just wanted to move on."

He was humiliated after that appearance, and has steadfastly remained outside the public eye since today.

Here's is a statement he released today: