Live and Local Spotlight: DEA + Saint

A talented R&B-fused alt hip hop duo hits The Amsterdam Thurs., May 21. Audio from their new LP included.

From delivering existential quandaries over spacey stripped-backed production in “One” (“Consider the possibility, that everything you thought you know, is wrong / mankind has pondered the millennia, yet what do we truly know?”; An open perspective is key to an open mind" “What is time when we are truly infinite?”), to trading more straightforward rhymes and cooing refrains about coming up against sluggish crunked-out sonics in “Creepin’,” or pushing cheeky-snotty stanzas about using intellect to combat crooked music biz practies in "Stir the Pot," Lynnsey June, aka DEA, and Josh “Saint” White balance each other well in their R&B-grooving alt hip hop. Her sweet high-toned singing voice and commanding verse-flinging serves as a melodic counterpoint to his lower-timbered flow, sing-song tenor and gruff-grunting spit-growls, both capable of dropping quickfire lines or slowing it down to more deliberate waxings. 

All three cuts come off a fresh, high quality 14-track full-length from DEA + Saint, EQUINOX: Vernal, which you'll likely hear much of at various local gigs they'll be playing all over town this year. Stay tuned."

Upcoming Show Details: DEA + Saint perform at the next "On the Edge @ The Amsterdam" event with UFO Sex Scene, Blayshin Neal, Ari Chi, and Kyle FL Owen, Thurs., May 21, 9 p.m., The Amsterdam, 1049 Central Ave., Saint Petersburg, free admission.

Check out "Creepin'," "Stir the Pot" and the sex grooving, third eye-referencing "Yellow" after the jump... name your price on a digital copy of the album right here.