Eco Chic: Bracelets and cuffs from recycled vinyl records

Accessories are a big part of any girl’s life. They help to dress up and enhance any outfit while giving you a chance to show off a little of your personality. What better way to do so than with unique eco friendly bracelets and cuffs? In the past, it was difficult to find accessories for the person that was trying to incorporate green living into their life but that is no longer the case. now offers many products that are both stylish and eco-friendly. Unique bracelets and cuffs made from old vinyl records are a great example of trendy eco-fashion.

Recycled record cuffs and bracelets are designed from using part of a recycled vinyl record. You’ll find a variety of styles available to choose from. Some of them are hand painted using acrylics that are sealed with a clear coat. Others are black, which match any outfit. They’re a great way to enhance your favorite outfit while showing your love for music and the environment all at the same time.