Buckhorn psyched for Tampa to collect $50 million for security for RNC. But does it need that much?

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn issued a short press release Tuesday afternoon, saying that he is "pleased" that Congress has scheduled a vote for later this week on approving the $50 million that the city hopes to have to prepare for its security needs in advance to next year's Republican National Convention.

The Mayor, who departs on a week long business trip to Israel tomorrow, gave a shout out to members of the local Congressional delegation that have lobbied to insure that Tampa gets those funds, saying, “I want to thank Florida’s entire congressional delegation for their hard work. Congresswoman Castor and Congressman Bilirakis played crucial roles in helping secure this funding, but I especially want to acknowledge Congressman Young, who has been vital throughout this process. I am looking forward to a vote later this week.”

Charlotte, North Carolina, the home of the 2012 Democratic National Committee, is also expecting $50 million for security. Those funds are also included in the continuing resolution that comes up for a vote scheduled for later this week.

But a question that nobody is asking about is this: Does Tampa need $50 million for security?