Majority of Hillsborough County School Board rejects plea to end contract with cell phone tower company


Despite the fervent pleas of their newest member, the Hillsborough County School Board Tuesday night voted to give Collier Enterprises II a brand new five year contract to continue to lease cell phone towers on school property.

The vote was 6-1, with board member Stacy White the sole member to oppose the renewal.

Unlike the other board members, who have mostly dismissed concerns by parents and other members of the community about the safety and placement of such towers, the just elected White over the course of several meetings has become the voice for the anti-cell tower movement. White had suggested that the board reject an automatic renewal of the Collier contract, but he was hardly radical in his opposition. Instead he suggested that the board should then re-open the entire bidding process, instead of awarding an exclusive contract with Collier, which is owned by Stacy Frank, an attorney and daughter of longtime Democratic politician Pat Frank, Hillsborough County's Clerk of Court. Stacy Frank herself ran unsuccessfully for a state House seat last fall, where her ownership and advocacy of cell towers became a campaign issue.