Demise of Borders isn't a cool thing

Stories on NPR and in the Wall Street Journal are juxtaposing the closing of America's second largest bookstore chain for good - Borders - with their big box rival for so many years - Barnes & Noble - and why the latter has survived the "Amazonation" of the industry.

Tom and Louis Borders created Borders 40 years ago in Ann Arbor, Michigan. And though the company definitely had troubles over the years, it was still rather shocking this past February when the company filed for bankruptcy protection and closed numerous stores, including its store on Dale Mabry in Tampa, for years a popular destination.

Though it's a fact that three digital books are purchased to every physical book, no one can deny that even though it was a major chain, there is something being lost in the culture with the remaining 399 stores closing for good by the end of September. That and the fact that almost 11,000 jobs will also be without a job is just another kicker.