Newsweek goes retro — too much?

There’s lots of hype leading into this Sunday night’s return of AMC's Emmy-winning Mad Men, and deservedly so, since it’s been nearly a year and a half since its fans have seen a new episode.

In tribute to the cultural power of the show, Newsweek has published a double issue that mimics the visual style of the magazine circa 1965, and it’s an absolute kick, one of the best things that editor Tina Brown has done with the publication since taking it over in the past year (the style is pretty similar to its look in the mid-’70s when I read my first copy of the classic news magazine).

Newsweek has been going through a bit of a crisis in recent years, and there are very few of its longtime reporters and editors around these days. In fact, some critics say that the only thing that Brown has done with the publication is make it more Brit- and female-friendly.

The cover story is written by one of the last standbys of the old publication — Eleanor Clift, who does more editing than writing these days anyway. But Clift compares Mad Men to when she began at the New York city publication in the early ’60s, and it’s absolutely fascinating.