Previously on Lost: "The End"

[Editor's Note: For more on Lost, check out the CL Lost podcast.]

Ah, the end. The tears weren't flowing as freely as I thought they would during Sunday night's hours-long extravaganza. But I feel truly saddened that such an entertaining piece of culture has come to an end (and truly saddened about how geeky that makes me sound). I mean, really, how is Lost not one of the coolest shows ever? I think fans who were interested enough to devote themselves to watching episodes and staying in touch with the pop culture surrounding the show have been rewarded. For six years we have loved it, hated it, been completely repulsed by certain characters, been upset that others had to go, and yearned for more as we waited months for new seasons to start. Sunday night's final episode, aptly named "The End," provided a true ending for me, and one that I like the more I think about it.