Tampa officials show urgency in adding sidewalk and lights to scene of accident

A week ago, Tampa City Council members blasted the Buckhorn administration for not acting with sufficient urgency on pedestrian safety improvements in an area of East Tampa where a pregnant woman was hit and killed last month.

Receiving the brunt of that criticism was Jean Dorzback, the city's transportation manager. Unquestionably bruised from that encounter, she came prepared on Thursday morning when she reappeared before the Council, listing a series of actions that the city is engaging in to build a sidewalk and improve lighting at 43rd Street near Hillsborough Avenue.

Council members were angry a week ago, feeling powerless to respond to the emotional pleadings of family members of the woman who died last month, 27-year-old Monica Alvarez. She was run down by a motorist who said he never saw her. The accident happened when Alvarez and a friend were walking on the street in the absence of a sidewalk; they were both pushing their babies in strollers at the time (Alvarez's 1-year-old daughter remains in a coma). Inadequate lighting also contributed to the accident.