#MusicMonday 86: Joe Budden, Amy Winehouse, Youth Lagoon and more!

What the CL Music Team is jamming this week; audio & video included

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Infinite Skillz - Joe Budden, No Love Lost (2013)
Joe Budden has long held the title of Bravest Rapper Alive for his willingness to lay his faults and emotions out there for his fans to dissect. This album is no different, with tracks like "All In My Head" featuring Royce Da 5'9" and Kobe, and "You And I," but this time around, Mr. Jumpoff actually has a couple singles to go along with his more heartfelt tracks. "NBA" is a guilty favorite, and the remix of "She Don't Put It Down" featuring Fabolous & Twista more than makes up for the original, which regrettably included Lil Wayne.

Shae - Electrelane, The Power Out (2011)
In a never-ending quest to find more female-fronted bands to listen to, I've come across the British all-female act Electrelane. This Monday, I'm listening to their second album, The Power Out. Electrelane sounds like the musical lovechild of Carissa's Weird, The Raincoats and at least half of the K Records roster. The Power Out offers an eclectic assortment of sounds, with songs sung in French and Spanish, instrumentals, an a capella choir and a saxophone. If this sounds sort of disjointed, it's not: the album is anchored by poppy, dueling guitars and Verity Susman's doughy vocals. Check out "Love Builds Up" after the jump along with the rest of this week's entries...