On the Radar: Deep Carnivale in Ybor City

This weekend, the Artists and Writers Group’s Deep Carnivale offers playful and enlightening encounters with art and literature through readings, interactive workshops and performances. The culmination of one of the festival’s more intriguing projects, the Exquisite Corpse Verse and Art, can be viewed at the HCC Performing Arts Building Gallery Friday and Saturday and involves a succession of 12 writers composing four lines of poetry each, one after another, inspired by the previous writer’s words – like the surrealist parlor game. In addition, artists created panels to correspond with each stanza. On Sunday, the words-art piece moves to the Silver Meteor Gallery in conjunction with the Mors Mortis Art Show, where another set of artists will embark on an exquisite corpse of their own – actually drawing on the walls. The artists, including Leif Langford, Keinan Almeida, Joseph Mack and others, will be working on and completing the pieces simultaneously and in collaboration with each in a creative stream of conscious. Other events happening throughout the festival include performances of short plays, a poetry finals competition, and guest speakers James Tokley Sr., Melissa Fair and others. Deep Carnivale’s Friday and Saturday events will be at Hillsborough Community College’s Performing Arts Building on the Ybor City Campus, 2112 N. 15th St.; Sunday’s Exquisite Corpse/Mors Mortis Art Show will be at Silver Meteor Gallery 2 p.m. 2213 E Sixth Ave., Ybor City. Admission is $2-$5. Deepcarnivale.com