Buffett rocks for Obama in Tampa

An eclectic, highly energized crowd swarmed the Ford Amphitheatre in Tampa today to catch Jimmy Buffett's free "Last Chance for Change Rally." The margarita maven's message? Vote for Obama.

Florida most famous singer/songwriter delivered the message with minimal preaching, opting instead to perform his sing along hits and occasionally pepper 'em with Obama references. For instance, on "Come Monday," Buffett sang, "I think I'm going to the land of change."

The all-ages audience included a first-time voters Jordan Orr and Kaleb Goare. Both men are 18-year-olds living in Lakeland. Neither are particularly huge Buffett fans but both plan to vote for Obama on Tuesday.

"I look at Obama and I think of the American dream," Orr said (pictured far left). "I'm so excited to be able to vote for him."