Charlie Justice calls Bill Young's behavior "corrupting"

We reported earlier this morning on how Democratic Congressional candidate Charlie Justice has started to take the gloves off, so to speak, in going after Pinellas GOP Congressman Bill Young's  tendencies to funnel millions of dollars in projects to lobbying firms employing former staffers.

Shortly after that, the Pinellas/Hillsborough State Senator then blistered off a fiery press release, in which he assailed Young for his "corrupting abuse of the federal budget process for his own political gain. I believe that Congressman Young’s behavior is disgraceful, disqualifying and completely out of the step with the people of Pinellas County.”

Justice then said that Young had "hid" $13 million in taxpayer money to help build a tourist destination in New York Harbor.

He then says,

"It's curious, at least until you learn that Congressman Bill Young got $120,000 in contributions to his campaign in return for boosting tourism in New York."