Ricky Henderson likes Charlie Crist

Blurbex doesn’t  like it when candidates start referring to themselves in the third person. It’s as creepy as the sports stars like Ricky Henderson who perfected the “What Ricky needs to do is concentrate on Ricky's business” third-person rap.

On Wednesday, Charlie Crist did just that in an e-mail to supporters. He started in the first person, but abruptly shifted gears:

“I am taking the opportunity today, as I will do from time to time, to give you an update on the progress of the campaign.  Today, I am pleased to share two pieces of exciting news.

“This morning, Charlie Crist received the endorsement of nearly 5,000 state law enforcement officers at a news conference in Tallahassee.”

Blurbex intends to keep an eye on this troubling development.