Sex. Love. What more could you want?

Tired of scouring the Internet for serious content on sex and love, only to wade through a clusterfuck of FREE adult sites feeding you Trojan viruses and male enhancement pop-ups? Your adult dreams have been answered. Introducing CL’s newest site:
Sex & Love is a one-stop portal for everyone from highbrow voyeurs researching what’s new in the fetish world to hardcore romantics searching for love. Discover where to go for a lovey-dovey picnic or how to recycle old sex toys. Browse through an orgy of CL bloggers ranting on everything from local hot spots for singles to gay dating etiquette. Have a sex question your momma can’t answer? “Is Orajel cock friendly?” “How can I compete with my wife’s vibrator?” Ask renowned sex advice columnist Dan Savage of "Savage Love."
Read the latest sex news, from AVN nominations to innovations in cybersex. Read reviews on birth control pills, advice books, adult films, strip clubs and Internet dating sites. Click through erotic art or teasers for adult videos. Browse through hundreds of personal ads in Creative Loving or surf friskier posts on Creative Lusting
Sex & Love explores everything you never learned in sex ed. It strips the covers off the taboo, adventuring beyond the world of sappy romantic comedies and hardcore porns to uncover what we really talk about when we talk about sex and love. Guys and gals, gays and straights, fetishists and conservatives, are all welcome to visit and contribute to this new site. Feel free to comment on posts, argue with bloggers, or offer your own advice.
Think you have an alternative view or a fresh voice that isn’t represented on our site? Are you an exhibitionist who enjoys bragging about sexual conquests or would like to illuminate some mysterious sexual subset (furries, swingers, escorts, and dancers I’m looking at you)? Are you looking for an audience for your love poems or erotic photography? Have some insights you want to share about making a relationship work?
Then you may have what it takes to join our legion of contributors. For more info on getting involved in the world of Sex & Love, contact Shawn Alff at [email protected]

About Shawn Alff
 Shawn “Alfie” Alff is the editor of Creative Loafing's Sex & Love site. He is also the Street Team leader and a talented writer. This is how he describes himself:
“Shawn Alff has been hustling the streets for Creative Loafing since moving to St. Petersburg from Austin, Texas in 2006. His days are split between managing CL’s Sex and Love site and working toward an MFA in Creative Writing at USF. His nights are devoted to frequenting bay area hot spots in the name of journalism and honing his portfolio of failproof pickup lines like, ‘Hey you. Buy me a beer.’”
You can get an even better picture of Shawn from reading this blog post about a particularly creative Super Bowl party he threw. For the record, this is the second post in which he’s written about going “pants-less,” and had the pictures to prove it: That’s him in the pink robe.