Behind The Review - Chateau France

Just a few tidbits that did not make it into the Chateau France review, for those of you who appreciate DVD extras:

- Many of the dishes came on plates that were organized and garnished exactly the same way — pate, steak tartare, some desserts — each with mint, blackberries and strawberries. The plates were also frigidly cold, which leads me to believe (unconfirmed) that the plates are pre-made before service and refrigerated until needed.

- While not abysmal, the service was disorganized and haphazard for such a setting — long waits for water (which whiffed of chlorine, unfiltered and straight from the tap), the wrong wine brought to the table, confusion about who ordered which dish, confusion about what wines were in stock. Everyone was dressed impeccably, however.

- Chateau France's Crepes Suzette nailed that cloying orangey sauce, but the little pancakes were tough, chewy and dense.

- The joint was empty. It looked like only four tables were occupied on a Friday night.

Like I say in the review, I like Louro and I like Chateau France — at least on my previous visits to the St. Pete location. Hopefully Louro will find the right formula for multiple location success.