Songs for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

In honor of the good doctor’s day, I’ve compiled a list of songs either paying tribute to MLK or spreading a message I do believe he’d approve of.

“Power to the People,” Curtis Mayfield

“It is now the nation's turn / for all to be concerned / We can be freer still / it is the people's will / And bring back the power for the people / that's all we ask in our country dear / the sick and the hungry are unable / protect them and those who may live in fear.”

“Motherless Child,” Richie Havens, the Woodstock 1969 version.

Havens sings straight from the heart, his face almost pained when he bellows “Freedom” over and over again.

“Black or White,” Michael Jackson

Jackson promotes racial harmony with a John Landis-directed video that features a young and adorably rebellious post-Home Alone Macaulay Culkin.