Local artists' new studio hosts local web series premiere

Celebrate a new episode of the The Grey Room Saga: I Am Sin at the Tampa's new 4D Studios.

When we were first treated to previews of Domain Pictures Grey Room, we were promised that “the end is coming”. Now, with The Grey Room Saga: I Am Sin, the fallout of the birth that changed the world continues, and you can celebrate the apocalypse in style.

Domain Pictures is throwing a lavish, black tie event at the new 4D Studios in Tampa to help launch the continuing film series. Fans can look forward to a red carpet welcome and photo op, a live band, free eats and a cash donation bar.

Not only will the cast from The Grey Room Saga: I Am Sin and web series The Rise of the Nine Realms be on hand for mingling, but the entire event will be ripe for entertainment industry networking.

Local actors seeking ways to beef up their resume are advised to attend. Domain Pictures recruits local talent for the web series, and director/screenwriter Preston Walden posted an update on his Facebook page today, seeking new actors. He said characters are still needed for the series The Grey Room Series: The Rise of the Nine Realms: Lilly (The Succubus), one of the head demons/seductress (throughout the series and in the feature films to come), and Isabella Florentine, who fights with the team from the Vatican; a sensitive and good fighter (throughout the series and feature films to come). "You MUST live in and around the Tampa Bay area, be 100 percent committed to the project, be available on the 22nd of June to film a teaser for the series and be able to film on weekends when needed," the post said.

The venue is newsworthy too. Prominent local artist James Reiman runs 4D Studios with H. Alexander Buffalo, Justin S. Padilla and Christopher L. Deacon.

"We do a lot of stuff — photo, video production, design services, casting auditions, and a variety of creative workshops — including hosting monthly art events and film screenings for local artists/directors," said Reiman, who's director of photography and videography at 4D.

Walden has been teaching The Actors Workshop of Tampa Bay at  4D since it opened on April 1. "Both my company and 4D hope to have a long and prosperous relationship in getting the bay area film work and no better way than to do it ourselves," Walden said.

The Grey Room Saga: I Am Sin Launch Party, Sat., May 31, 7:30 p.m., 4D Studios, Swann Metro Center, 2511 Swann Ave., Suite # 100, Tampa, $10.

"Grey Room" Trailer from Jason Coté on Vimeo.