"My name isn’t Jeeves" and seven other waiter peeves

1. My Name isn;t Jeeves and as far as I know you didn't pay my way over from the old country. You are my guest and I am your host, not a minion to do your bidding. I am a courteous, friendly professional who attempts to provide all my clients with a pleasant dining experience regardless of their income/breeding/social status.

2. I don't care that you're a doctor, lawyer, CPA or CEO and (gasp!) I don't care how much you're worth. I treat everyone with respect and expect to be treated with the same. I'm not the steerage to your Promenade Deck so lose the attitude.

3. The answer to "Hello! How are you today?" is not "Ketel and tonic with lime." If you were to say hello to me in your office I wouldn't say:"pro forma balance sheet! or "digital rectal exam!"

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