Rubio says Obama doesn't want to hear his proposal to reform the VA

In what is becoming a bigger problem for the White House every day, President Obama was scheudled to meet this morning with General Eric Shinseki, the increasingly beleaguered head of the Veterans Affairs Department. Calls for Shinseki to resign have become more frequent as reports have surfaced about delays at VA hospitals that have contributed to the deaths of patients.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has introduced companion language in the Senate to Florida Republican Jeff Miller's proposal in the House that would give the head of the Department of Veterans Affairs authority to fire or demote senior executives for perceived performance problems without going through the usual administrative procedures. Rubio went on the O'Reilly Factor last night with Fox's Bill O'Reilly to complain that the Obama administration doesn't support it because "they are more interested in protecting the sanctity of civil service, than they are in being able to hold people accountable.”

The House will vote on the legislation later today.