The new legend of Townground Coffee House in New Port Richey

Have you ever watched one of those old movies, where the heroic cowboy swaggers into a dusty old small town and saves the day? That is exactly the way I would have to describe New Port Richey's newest addition, Townground Coffee House in Longleaf.

I've lived in New Port Richey, Florida for almost all my life, i've always wanted a cool, little coffee shop without having to worry about going to a sketchy part of town or drunken party boys showing up to ruin the atmosphere. My friends and I used to travel all the way out to Palm Harbor at the old Insomniacs or all the way to Ybor to visit the now extinct Joffery's.

Now all my wishes have come true, a local cozy cafe called Townground (and they serve Joffery's coffee!). The myth of a good coffee shop in Pasco County is now a reality. It gets even better... super friendly service and they have FREE Wi-Fi!

If you live in Tampa and want to check out Townground, it's right off SR 54 in the Longleaf community near Trinity... great place for casual business meetings or just meeting up with some old friends.

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