Scare Tactics: The Reel Terror filmmakers talk about why they make horror movies

When the lights go down and the blood splatters across the screen at this weekend’s Reel Terror Film Festival the audience will be watching more than just a few scary movies. The 12 films selected for the fest represent the unwavering commitment and drive of the filmmakers, a diverse bunch of professionals and enthusiasts who devote countless hours and sink untold amounts of spare cash into their love. But why horror? Why not make a nice romantic comedy?

“My mother is also an avid horror fan and she took me to see horror films with her when I was as young as 3 to 4 years old,” says Robert Kreh, the writer/director of Knicker Knockers. “The first film I recall seeing was one of the early Nightmare on Elm Street films. But I saw all the classics at a young age.” Kreh’s Knicker Knockers is a creepy, well-made short about a pregnant woman terrorized by a creature lurking just outside her home. It was shot over five summer evenings in 2009 — in a beautiful Bayshore home owned by the very generous Bill Hayes — by a crew made up mostly of Kreh’s former classmates at the International Academy of Design & Technology in Tampa. “Yeah, I exclusively do horror,” Kreh continued. “I honestly don’t have much interest in any other genre.”