John Morgan's plan to legalize medical marijuana? Thousands of volunteers

  • John Morgan

The campaign to make Florida the next state to allow medicinal marijuana got a huge shot in the arm a few weeks ago when Democratic party uber-fundraiser and trial attorney John Morgan said he would lend his support to the effort.

Morgan has become the chairman of United For Care, which recently changed its name from PUFMM (People United for Medical Marijuana).

PUFMM's founder Kim Russell admitted the group "struggled" with getting such a constitutional amendment on the ballot, and in "a political environment that was not as open to medical marijuana as it is now."

Struggled is an understatement. In the past, PUFMM hasn't come even remotely close to gathering the 100,000 signatures needed to get on a ballot, much less the 683,149 signatures required to get there for 2014.

Enter John Morgan. The Orlando based attorney told CL that even though he will cough up a substantial amount of money to go toward the effort, it's all about volunteers helping to collect signatures that will make the difference.