The blotter

Bizzare crimes from Tampa police reports

Rumble in the Park: That "can't we all just get along" spirit was sorely lacking in Williams Park in Tampa on June 16. A group of 15 Mexican boys, ranging in age from teenagers to late 20s, were playing soccer in the park when they were approached by a group of about 30 black men (ages unknown) who began throwing rocks at them. A melee broke out, complete with scuffles and minor head injuries, and as police arrived on the scene to break things up, a few of the attacking boys made off with the soccer players' bikes. Several foot chases ensued, and three juveniles were taken into custody and charged with assorted offenses, including robbery.

The Creepy Guy: Kids, beware the creepy guy at the local arcade. One Tampa youth had an off-putting run-in with a scary dude at the Gameworks in Ybor City. The kid was playing video games when a 51-year-old man approached and began commenting on the kid's game play. The youngster was sufficiently bothered that he moved to another game, but the creepy guy followed and kept talking to him. At the next game, the man asked the kid his name and asked to shake his hand. Per the report: "When the juvenile attempted to leave the def[endant] held onto his hand and told him to come with him." Fortunately, the kid managed to break the creepy guy's grip and run to his father, who quickly notified police. The cops found the guy still lurking around the arcade and arrested him.

At Your Own Risk: This one's a tribute to a lifeguard's quick action — but also a reminder to stay vigilant when you're at the swimming pool. Three teenage girls were hanging out at the main pool at Adventure Island when one of the girls noticed that her friend had disappeared. Someone else then spotted the missing girl at the bottom of the pool. A lifeguard was "immediately notified," and he dove in and brought the girl up from the bottom. Although she was not breathing initially, she regained a pulse after about a minute of C.P.R. and was then transported to University Community Hospital in serious condition.

From the files of the T.P.D.