Why you care about Twitter celebrities: top 15 sexiest Adrianne Curry twitpics (NSFW)

Celebrity bloggers—-by which I mean anonymous geeks who leech off the frivolous fame and misfortune of stars to compensate for their own unimaginative writing—-love to post the latest scandalous photos of stars then ridicule said celebrities for being fame whores. All the while these bloggers rack up huge page-view numbers from readers like you who can't understand why this "story" was posted or why the "celebrity" is still famous.

With that said, here is the latest naked twitpic from notorious twitter-star, Adrianne Curry, featuring her as the centerpiece for nyotaimori, or body sushi. I'll leave the "smells like fish" jokes to other bloggers; my only comment is, "Holy Balls! Do you see her abs? Do you have any idea how hard it is for women to achieve that level of muscle definition?"

Now that the nude photo is out of the way, let's get to the real question: