Do This: Tampa Grilled Cheese Festival

Officially cheesy.

Tampa Grilled Cheese Festival
6920 N. Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa. Aug. 13, noon-6 p.m. Event on Facebook.

Nothing — and I mean nothing — compares to cheese. I’m an equal-opportunity eater, too: Wagasi, Stilton, Brillat-Savarin... I eat it all. Every cheese has its place: I pair brie with dark chocolate bread; toss crumbled bleu cheese with walnuts, crisp Fuji apples and shredded bright green romaine, and eat feta with smoked, dried beef and gluteny Italian bread. When it comes to American cheese, though, I melt. Literally. A tablespoon of butter, thick whole-grain bread, and two slices of sunshine-yellow cheese is all I need for a special moment. Throw in a glass of milk, tomato soup and maybe some sliced French fries, and I’m happily eight again. Do you feel me? If you do, head to the Tampa Grilled Cheese Festival at Burger Culture, where a cornucopia or food trucks will serve their version of the best damned grilled cheese.