Christmas gifts for the wine lover on your list

Looking for a gift for the oenophile on your shopping list? Here are gifts, $2.99 and up, sure to please the most discriminating wine lover.

Vinturi wine aerator – You’ve heard of opening wine so it can breathe. And you’ve probably seen someone at a wine tasting swirling their wine in a glass, then audibly slurping the wine and swishing it around in their mouth. When you want to bring out the best in a wine aerating is where it’s at. It can mellow tannins, improve the quality of a young wine, and develop the desirable qualities of a wine. The Vinturi Wine Aerator adds the correct amount of air to your wine so it can be ready to drink when you are ready to drink it. Just pour the wine through the aerator into your glass. That’s it. No decanting. No waiting. I was skeptical the first time I saw one in use. But after a number of side by side comparisons of wine poured from the bottle and poured through the aerator, the impact of the aerator was clear. Vinturi red wine and white wine aerators are available for $39.95 at Vinturi (