Hannah Montana: Just say no!

I planned on passing on the whole Hannah Montana brouhaha. But after seeing today's New York Times headline: "Some People Will Do Anything for a Ticket" [p. B5 of the Weekend Arts section], I decided it was time to offer my two cents.

Dear parents of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus fans unable to procure tickets:

Here's the ideal time to cue the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and give your bratty kid the "life ain't fair" speech. Really, I know it's your little princess, but eventually she's gonna be the one not asked out at prom, not accepted to the college of her choice, not hired for the job she's qualified for because the boss has a nephew he needs to hook up. That's life.

The Great Hannah Montana Ticket Shortage could have been a great opportunity for a quality parent-to-child discussion. Instead, a bunch of you made jackasses out of yourselves and worshiped at the feet of a 12-foot golden statue in the WFLZ-FM parking lot rather than tell your little Veruca Salt she's just going to have to GET OVER IT. Come on people, show a little dignity.