Submit your green resolution to ThinkGreenLiveClean's "Greenest Student College Challenge" to win an iPad

ThinkGreenLiveClean, an environmental news site, is giving away an iPad to one lucky, eco-conscious college student in their first ever "Greenest Student College Challenge". In an effort to showcase innovative and inventive green ideas from our nation's bright young minds, ThinkGreenLiveClean is asking for 'green' resolutions for the "New ‘School’ Year".

"Since our contest’s green resolutions can be viewed by anyone anywhere, the Greenest Student College Challenge is essentially a national brainstorming session with an iPad as an incentive," said Wyatt Taubman, founder of ThinkGreenLiveClean."Students will be able to read what other students have written and will hopefully become inspired by all the great green ideas floating around. These students are going to have the ideas that will change the future so we want to let their ideas be heard now on a national level."