Election Night USA: The Maine gay marriage vote

For real-time results in the vote on gay marriage in Maine, head to ProtectMaineEquality.org. If voters reject the amendment to repeal the state's marriage equality law, it will mark the first time that the right to gay marriage is established by voters, not their elected representatives.

But the race is very close, as you'll see from the website. A short while ago, with 22% of precincts reporting, the Bangor Daily News had the vote at 51% against the repeal to 49% in favor.


Portland numbers announced: A huge NO vote.

Commenters on site are thinking this will win it for No on 1, but most reports are showing the overall state tally at 50-50, and there are lots of votes still to be counted.

UPDATE Midnight

The tables have turned. MSNBC reports that with 69% of the votes counted, the tally has shifted to 52% Yes and 48% No.

To recap, a Yes vote is a vote to repeal marriage equality in Maine. There's talk of a recount.